Our Current Team

Steve Asikis: Broker of Record  
  Frances Asikis: Office Administrator
Hratch Hamboyan: Salesperson Hosein Amooshahi: Salesperson Lale Tozkoparan: Salesperson
Shahriar Mirzaei: Salesperson
Ray Ketabchi: Salesperson
Catherine Asikis: Salesperson
Raul Morla: Salesperson
Roksana Nor: Salesperson
Farzana Chowdhury: Salesperson
Lisa Kerrigan: Salesperson 
Jean Sperou: Salesperson
Pulkit Gupta: Salesperson 
Peter Liao: Salesperson
Alexander Smirnis: Salesperson
Houry Baghdassarian: Salesperson
Danny Cheung: Broker
Helen Di Giulio: Salesperson
Ali M. Hessabi: Salesperson
Chris Stribopoulos: Salesperson
Saad Kiyani: Salesperson 
Vijay Thiagarajah: Broker
Anthony Tzoumis: Salesperson
Hudson Mahboubi: Salesperson
Marina Pronina: Salesperson
Phuong Ha: Broker
Farid Rouhani: Salesperson
Anam Chowdhury: Salesperson
Amin Ketabchi Haghighat: Salesperson
Binbin Wang: Salesperson
Rolland Roopchand: Salesperson
Saeid Hossein-Pour: Salesperson  
James Kan: Broker 
Luke Xia: Broker
Bobak Alvand: Salesperson 
Thiva Thirulogasingham: Salesperson
Gus Drakopoulos: Salesperson
Rob Shannon: Salesperson  
Laura Shannon: Broker 
Krish Ramlakhan: Broker
Amir Sharifi-Nasr: Salesperson
Fern Barris: Salesperson
Kourosh Solati Dehkordi: Salesperson
Rafay Khan: Salesperson
Jo Li: Salesperson
Tariq Siddiqui: Salesperson
Thomas Tsapralis: Salesperson
Okbah A. Karim: Salesperson
Naveed Malik: Salesperson
Ali Agah Tehrani: Salesperson Margarita Byrsan: Salesperson Joo Hee Kang: Salesperson
Stephen Sui: Salesperson    


At Alpha Omega Realty Group we strive to provide our clients with expert service and integrity.
Our agents are qualified professionals who are ready to meet your real estate buying & selling needs and work for you.

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